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Photo by Dylan Chia

From what I can tell, photography is becoming an increasingly popular hobby, as I’ve seen more and more people roaming the streets having fun with their cameras, and this got me thinking, why not share some advice for those who might be tempted to try?

Before I continue, I have to add that I am by no means a professional from National Geographic, neither am I the owner of an Instagram-famous account. No, I’m simply a man with a hobby, the everyday man with a simple interest in capturing the beauty of his surroundings. If you feel that this is…

Reflections on the evolution of the sport

Photo by Daniel Norin from Unsplash

Football (or soccer) has drastically evolved since its creation in the 17th century. From implementing fixed rules to the inclusion of technology, the beautiful game has undergone many changes until reaching its current position in the modern era. However, the biggest change is arguably how it has evolved into a business over a sport.

From the late twentieth century to the beginning of the new millennium, the sport has become increasingly intertwined with money. While it has always been a well-paying career with money playing a small part in the background, the role it plays is becoming increasingly prominent. …

Gaming: the perfect way to immerse yourself into another world. Filled with challenges to overcome and secrets to unlock, each game opens up a new world for us to explore. The best part is, there’s sure to be a game for everyone, regardless of the console you’re playing on. Thus, I hope my stories will have a similar impact, and enable me to reach out to my fellow gamers.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I hope the pictorial posts compiled here are able to convey that. Accompanied with experiences and advice, these articles are sure to stimulate the shutterbug within you, and even if it doesn’t, it’s still worth a shot.

Dylan Chia

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