Gaining more than just work experience during my internship

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Internships — the bridge between being a student and an adult. From studying to working, this experience provides a glimpse into the adult world. However, I would soon find that there were more adult themes in my internship than I bargained for.

My first day was filled with the usual…

Was the past really better than the present?

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“I miss the good old days,” is a constant lament that usually comes from someone our senior, before following it up with a complaint regarding today’s societal “issues” (as not all of them are actual problems). However, were those days really as good as we thought?

We constantly reminisce about…


And how you can overcome it

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University: the home stretch in most of our educational journeys. It’s the final barrier separating the students from our working counterparts, and this typically motivates us to focus on our schoolwork. However, not everyone has this mindset.

Unfortunately, this is neither a prediction nor a stereotypical statement made from biased…

A satirical look at the latest form of “discrimination” against anti-vaxxers

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It’s finally happened. From the evolution of sexism and racism comes a new form of discrimination: vaccinism. As if we didn't already have enough on our plate, now we have to deal with the plight of our poor anti-vaxxers being treated differently! What an outrage!

No longer are our non-vaccinated…

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